15th Annual CJBE Conference

12th July, 2012 to 14th July, 2012
Loyola Marymount University

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15th Annual CJBE Conference, July 12-14, 2012

“Engaged Learning of Mind, Heart, Body, and Spirit”


As Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles begins its second century of existence, it is very pleased to host the 2012 CJBE Conference. The above theme for the conference provides a very inclusive backdrop for Jesuit business school colleagues to reflect on their work and share new ideas for optimizing active engagement at our schools, contributing to the important Ignatian goal of “forming men and women for others.”

Much recent work on engaged learning emphasizes increased student involvement and participation in the learning process, whether in or outside of the classroom. There are exciting new approaches involving various forms of field learning, community-based learning, project-based learning, service learning, etc. that can enhance student engagement of the important domains of mind, heart, body, and spirit. Other approaches for the classroom class or elsewhere may focus on greater engagement for deeper learning within any one of these essential domains in the learning of the whole person. Track possibilities for CJBE 2012 include the following:

Teaching and curriculum for enhanced engagement: Issues, challenges, and valuable practices pertinent to Jesuit educators;

Institutional development: Helping Jesuit schools of business in developing and implementing their missions and strategic plans through new structures, processes, and people that reflect Jesuit values and result in increased campus-wide engagement;

Faculty development and career planning: Ideas for faculty renewal and increased vitality; faculty life/career planning;

Research: Theoretical, empirical, applied, interdisciplinary, and other scholarly contributions related to the above topics and themes, with potential for future publication.

Proposal deadline April 2, 2012 for interactive sessions addressing the above track areas of interest (e.g., participative workshops, idea-sharing sessions, best practice panels, recent research, open caucus discussion sessions for assembling participants with similar interests).

Contact CJBE 2012 Conference Chair: Charlie Vance (cvance@lmu.edu)

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